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Stiles Aircraft Dragon Fly
Dragon Fly Aircraft Co Dragon Fly NAF-1
Built in 1927, the Stiles Aircraft Dragon Fly was a two-place, open cockpit high-wing monoplane powered by an 80hp Detroit Air Cat or Anzani engine. Designed by Russell C Mossman, it had optional folding wings and sold for $1,985.
At least two were built; N4193 and N5737 with Anzani engines.
One appears in a 1929 register as Velie-powered Dragon Fly NAF-1 N7600, with manufacturing credit to Dragon Fly Aircraft Co, 1807 Foster St, Chicago IL.
Engine: 80hp Detroit Air Cat or Anzani
Wing span: 36'0"
Length: 23'11"
Useful load: 537 lb
Max speed: 105 mph
Cruise: 85 mph
Stall: 38 mph
Range: 450 mi
Seats: 2
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