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Savoia-Marchetti S.62

American Aeronautical Corp S-62



First flown in 1928, the type served with the two units and operated mainly as military flying-boats with the Regia Aeronautica, although commercial examples were produced, the initial S.62 and later S.62bis were powered by 372.6kW R1 and 559kW Isotta-Fraschini Asso engines respectively. As a three-seat reconnaissance aircraft, it was armed with Lewis machine-guns in the nose cockpit and two more in a midships cockpit. The S.62bis had the open midships position replaced by a twin-gun turret.

A four seat reconnaissance bomber and around 40 were built under licence in Spain with 600 h.p. Hispano-Suiza 121B engines.

The Savoia S-62 flying boat had entered service with the VVS RKKA under the designation MR-4, was successfully produced in the Russian Taganrog workshops.





American Aeronautical Corp licence built one S-62 in 1928 c/n 6202. ATC 2-320 was issued in 1931. Equipped with a 500 hp engine it was configured for commercial operations with a seven place cabin.
American Aeronautical Corp S-62


Engine: 1 x Isotta-Fraschini Asso 750, 634kW
Max take-off weight: 5030 kg / 11089 lb
Loaded weight: 2630 kg / 5798 lb
Wingspan: 16.66 m / 55 ft 8 in
Length: 12.26 m / 40 ft 3 in
Height: 4.19 m / 14 ft 9 in
Wing area: 69.5 sq.m / 748.09 sq ft
Max. speed: 220 km/h / 137 mph
Ceiling: 4900 m / 16100 ft
Range: 2000 km / 1243 miles
Armament: 4 x 7.7mm machine-guns, 600kg of bombs

American Marchetti S-62
3 seat armed scout
One built in the US
Engine: Isotta-Fraschina, 500 hp
Prop: 2 blade wooden fixed pitch
Wingspan: 54 ft 8 in
Length: 40 ft 3 in
Wing area: 748 sq.ft
Empty weight: 5798 lb
Loaded weight: 11,089 lb
Useful load: 2530 lb
Max speed: 137 mph
Cruise: 118 mph
Stall: 49 mph
Ceiling: 16,100 ft
Range: 530 mi
Seats: 8
Armament: 3 x .30 Lewis machine guns


Savoia-Marchetti S.62


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