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Christiansen Savor
Self-taught 31-year-old amateur builder Chris Christiansen designed and flew his third homebuilt airplane, the high-wing Savor, in just 15 months. The Savor, which is intended as a cross-country flying machine.
The Savor has a wingspan of 23.5 feet, and has aluminum control services and a fiberglass empennage and wings similar to a GlaStar.
The landing gear is aluminum rod. The cage frame goes all the way back to the tail. The most challenging aspect of the construction was the molds for the skins. The frame had the shape. The shells are one piece. Because of the angles and curves, the shells didn’t want to come out of the molds.
The shells are held in place by metal fasteners. The wings are removable. The wings are designed to have fuel tanks, 10 gallons on each side, and an additional fuel tank in the rear passenger compartment.
The front seat is 36 inches wide, while the backseat measures about 27 inches. The frame can accommodate someone who is 6 feet tall. The seat is 12 inches off the floor.
The interior is finished with textured semi-plastic foam. The texture can hide a lot of flaws and it is good for soundproofing. That’s 2 inches of insulation. The airplane also has carpet to help take the sound down.
Empty weight is 1,110 pounds, while gross weight is 1,550 pounds for the airplane, which cruises at 165 mph and lands at 60.
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