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Gage 1912
Fowler-Gage 1912
Gage-McClay 1912



A single place, open cockpit biplane Curtiss-type pusher.
One was built for exhibition use by Roy Francis and later, reportedly, one tractor version for Francis and Frank Bryant to share.
Gage-Fowler 1912


This tractor biplane is more familiar as a land plane, as it is displayed in the Smithsonian, now with a Curtiss engine in place of its original Hall-Scott. It is often referred to as the Fowler-Gage, in recognition of its owner and pilot, Robert G. Fowler. Beginning in October 1912, Fowler made numerous exhibition and passenger flights in California. He made his most famous flight in the airplane in 1913, flying ocean-to-ocean across Panama. With the Gage now on floats, Fowler started his Isthmus of Panama crossing with a takeoff from the Pacific side at 9:45 a.m. on April 27. He completed the 83 km (52 mi) flight in one hour and 45 minutes, landing with his passenger/cameraman, R.E. Duhem, at Cristobal at 11:30 a.m.




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