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Societe Industrielle des Metaux et du Bois
Societe des Avions Bernard


Établissements Adolphe Bernard was established in 1917 and best known by name Bernard, Adolphe Bernard built SPADs from 1917, original designs materialising only after Armistice. By the end of the First World War the factory was produced under license 2486 airplanes: SPAD XI, XIII and XVI.
Known originally as A. Bernard, company was founded in the latter years of the First World War. Its title was changed in 1919 to Societe Industrielle des Metaux et du Bois (SIMB). Société Industrielle des Métaux et du Bois (SIMB) was sometimes referred to as Ferbois. The latter company was wound up in 1926, but the Societe des Avions Bernard was established in late 1927 to manufacture the Bernard 190T, a ten-seat transport aircraft designed by SIMB.
From 1924 until 1927, the world absolute speed record had been held by Bonnett, a Frenchman, flying a Ferbois landplane at 278 mph.
A number of experimental aircraft were built before closure in 1935. The former Bernard design team was dispersed after 1935. Georges Bruner and Jean Galtier were briefly hired by Fouga, then Bruner worked for Gourdou and Galtier went to Arsenal. Roger Robert went to CAPRA, predecessor of Matra.




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