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Arjanguelsky, Alexander Alexandrovich
Alexander Alexandrovich Arjanguelsky (Russian: Александр Александрович Архангельский) was born on December 17 (29), 1892 in Kazan. In 1911 he entered the Faculty of Physics-Mathematics of the Moscow State University, but in 1912 he transferred to the Moscow Higher Technical College (MVTU).
During his studies he worked in the aerodynamic laboratory together with N. Ye. Zhukovski in revising the calculations for the gigantic Sviatagor plane. In this period he met important personalities of Soviet aeronautics such as AN Tupolev, BS Stiechkin, VP Vetchinkin and AA Mikulin.
Upon graduation in 1918 he began to work at the newly created State Central Institute of Aerohydrodynamics.
After the was created Bureau of Construction of Tupolev in TsAGI, he joined this and participated in the development of the entire line ANT. In 1922 he was appointed assistant to Andréi Nikoláyevich Túpolev and from 1926 as a substitute for the main builder. As of 1932 he became head of the fast aircraft department. His main works include the direction of the first modern Soviet bomber, the SB (С коростной Б омбардировщик or Fast Bomber) or ANT-40 and its development as a civil transport aircraft called PS-35 (П ассажирский С амолет No. 35 or Passenger Plane No. 35).
Starting in 1936, he went on to direct his own Construction Bureau (KB) located in Factory No.22 and was responsible for the mass production of the SB and the design of the Ar-2 and SB-B aircraft.
In 1938 and as a result of a false accusation, he was arrested. He was assigned to the special construction bureau TsKB-29 NKVD from where he left in 1941, proving blameless.
From 1941 Arjanguelsky was evacuated to Omsk with the Tupolev KB and from 1942 he was appointed chief designer, participating in virtually all projects in the KB, both military and civilian.
In 1943 Alexander Arjanguelsky returned to Moscow and was reassigned to Factory No. 156 which was responsible for the production of parts and maintenance to maintain the existing fleet of SB bombers, as well as the modernization of the Tupolev Tu-2s.
When he received an order from Stalin in late 1945 to work hard on the development of the Tu-4 bomber, Arjanguelsky became Tupolev's right hand man. In the summer of 1947 the Tu-4 bombers were ready to participate in the air parade over Red Square. For his important contribution to the development of Soviet aeronautical technology, he was awarded the title of Hero of Socialist Labor.
From 1971 Arjanguelsky was selected as president of the Scientific-Technical Council and Principal Constructor of the Bureau of Experimental Constructions (OKB) AN Túpolev.
Alexander Arjanguelsky died on December 18, 1978. He was buried in Moscow.
Awards and distinctions
Hero of Socialist Labor (August 8, 1947) for his decisive participation in the development of the strategic bomber Tu-4.
Six Order of Lenin (1933 for the 15th anniversary of the TsAGI, 1945, 1947, 1957 and 1958).
Order of the October Revolution (1971).
Four Order of the Red Banner of Labor (1939, 1963).
Two Order of the Red Star (1936, 1944).
Honorary Personality of Science and Technology of the Russian Federation (1947).
Lenin's Prize (1957) for the creation of the Tu-104 jet airliner.
Stalin Second Order Prize (1941) - For work on the Túpolev SB bomber.
Stalin Prize of the First Order - For work in the field of aircraft construction.
Zhukovski Prize.
Zhukovski Gold Medal for the best work in aviation theory (1962).
Aircraft produced
In A. Túpolev's OKB until 1936
Tupolev ANT-2
Túpolev ANT-4 (TB-1)
Túpolev ANT-6 (TB-3)
Túpolev ANT-9 "Krylia Sovietov"
Túpolev ANT-20 "Maxim Gorki"
Tupolev ANT-21 (Mi-3)
Túpolev ANT-29 (DIP)
Túpolev ANT-35 (PS-35)
Tupolev ANT-40 (SB)
Tupolev SB bis
In the OKB under your direction of Factory No.22
Arjanguelsky MMN
Arjanguelsky SB-RK or Ar-2
Arjanguelsky SB-B
Arjanguelsky USB
Arjanguelsky / Mozharovski / Venievidov MoV-2 (BSh-MV)
Arjanguelsky T
In A. Túpolev's OKB since 1941
Tupolev Tu-2
Tupolev Tu-4
Tupolev Tu-104
Tupolev Tu-114
Tupolev Tu-124
Tupolev Tu-134
Tupolev Tu-154
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