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Martin & Handasyde / Martinsyde
Martin & Handasyde
Martinsyde Ltd.

Based at Woking, Surrey, with premises at Brooklands, the partnership of H. P. Martin and G. H. Handasyde built series of monoplanes from 1908 to 1914. Martinsyde Ltd.  was registered in 1915 and undertook subcontract production of RAF B.E.2c and S.E.5A.

The first original wartime design was S.1 single-seat scout, built October 1914. The G.100, a large single-seat fighter with Beardmore engine, appeared in late 1915. Later examples with more powerful Beardmore engine were designated G.102; both known colloquially as Elephant, derived from their size.

Six prototypes of the F.3 fighter were ordered in 1917, and developed into the F.4 Buzzard which was ordered in quantity although only 52 had been delivered by Armistice in 1918. Some civil use in developed forms, some sold to overseas air forces.

The company went into liquidation 1921.

With the liquidation of the Martinsyde company in February 1924, and the acquisition of its stores, stocks and goodwill by the Aircraft Disposal Company (A.D.C.), the latter continued development of the Buzzard (see Aircraft Disposal Company A.D.C.1).

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