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Avions Mauboussin

After his separation from Peyret, Mauboussin redesignated his designs in a sequence that derives the Peyret-Mauboussin designations. The PM XI and PM XII were redesignated as M.111 and M.112 (although still reported as 'M.11' and 'M.12' in the early 1930s).

Pierre Mauboussin established design office and factory at Puteaux, Seine, France, developing Corsair light aircraft which was built as Corsair 120 and Corsair Minor.

Production aircraft designations were in a more typically French pattern. The production PM XII/M.12 became the M.120 with major developments following as M.121-M.129. Inititially, M.120 developments received suffix numbers based on their year of original (eg: the M.120/37 project of 1937 which led to the production M.123 Corsaire).

Production license for all Mauboussin aircraft acquired by Societe des Etablissements Fouga in 1936. Mauboussin 123, development of Corsair, built 1937-1938, and as M.129 1947-1948.

According to Flight (30 Sept 1943), after the Armistice the Mauboussin plant was engaged in glider production.






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