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Max Holste
Société des Avions Max Holste
Société Nouvelle des Avions Max Holste
Reims Aviation S.A

Max Holste's first designs were the MH.52 two-seat lightweight sporting aircraft with tricycle landing gear and the MH.53 Cadet trainer variant, characterized by a twin-fin tail which reappeared on the MH.1521M Broussard utility transport and liaison aircraft, produced in quantity for the French Air Force and Army. A twin-engined development, the MH.260 Super Broussard, was redesignated Nord 262 when Max Holste became incorporated with Nord Aviation in 1961.

On 16 February 1960, Cessna Aircraft acquired a 49% shareholding in la Société des Avions Max Holste, which was named the Société Nouvelle des Avions Max Holste. This name was afterwards changed into Reims Aviation S.A., which built Cessna aircraft under license.

Reims acquired license-manufacturing rights for several Cessna types such as the Model 150,172,177,182, and 337, for sale in European and African markets. Manufacturers and customises the twin-turboprop F 406 Caravan II (first flown 1983) unpressurized utility transport, with a range of Vigilant derivatives offered for maritime surveillance, calibration, electronic warfare, border surveillance, survey, pollution control, and other roles, and can be lightly armed. Plans to reintroduce the F172 and F182 versions of Cessna lightplanes was halted in 1998. Subcontract activities include work on Airbus, ATR, and various Dassault Aviation programmes.

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