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Meteor S.p.A
Meteor S.p.A Costruzioni Aeronautiche

Established in 1947 in Trieste, initially manufactured series of gliders and sailplanes of various types under licence, turning to powered aircraft in 1953 when company acquired the assets of Francis Lombardi & Cie of Vercelli, further developing FL.3 light aircraft, FL.53 two-seater, three-seat FL.54, and FL.55 four-seater. Own 110 hp Alfa 2 and 220 hp Alfa 4 engines powered two-seat Meteor Bis and four-seat Meteor Super.
In 1960 Meteor diversified into unmanned drones. These serving as the basis of the Sky Arrow.
In 1985 Meteor changed its name to Iniziative Industriali Italiane.

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