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AVIS / Anderlik-Varga-Iskola-Sport AVIS III / AVIS IV



Developed in parallel with the AVIS II and entering flight test shortly afterwards in 1935, the AVIS III was powered by a 550hp Manfred Weiss-built Gnome- Rhone 9Krsd Mistral nine-cylinder radial engine driving a three-bladed adjustable-pitch Hamilton Standard propeller. Unlike the preceding AVIS fighters which were of all-metal construction, the AVIS III had wooden wings with a combination of plywood and fabric skinning, and four prototypes were laid down. The AVIS III demonstrated improved characteristics, but lacking the agility of the Fiat CR.32, which was meanwhile evaluated by the Legilyi Hivatal and adopted for service, it was not ordered into production. The armament of the AVIS III was two 7.62mm Gebauer machine guns, and one of the four prototypes was completed with minor modifications as the AVIS IV.

Engine: 1 x 700hp Weiss/Gnome Rhone 9Krsd
Wingspan: 9.50 m / 31 ft 2 in
Length: 7.80 m / 26 ft 7 in
Height: 3.20 m / 11 ft 6 in
Wing area: 20.20 sq.m / 217.43 sq ft
Max take-off weight: 1380 kg / 3042 lb
Empty weight: 1210 kg / 2668 lb
Max. speed: 310 km/h / 193 mph
Cruise speed: 256 km/h / 159 mph
Ceiling: 6500 m / 21350 ft
Range: 400 km / 249 miles
Crew: 1
Armament: 2 x 7.62mm mm





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