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Avia B-35 / B-135

The first prototype Avia B-35 fighter fuselage featured a screwed and riveted steel-tube-structure, covered by fabric. From the cockpit forwards was covered by removable aluminium sheet plates. The wings comprised two wooden longerons, wooden skeletal structure and covered by a thin alclad sheet. Aircraft`s performance was influenced by the fix hooded undercarriage.
The first prototype was flight-tested during September 1938. Sgt. Kavalec lost his life in the first prototype.

Only three prototypes of the fixed-undercarriage-B-35 fighter attaining a maximum speed of 495 km/p/h were built. The B-135 was the production version of B-35 with metal wing and retractable undercarriage. The B-135 was completed after the Germans occupied the Czech and Moravian Lands on March 15, 1939. Twelve planes of this type as well as the B-135 licence was bought by a Bulgarian-pro-Nazi regime in 1941.
Engine: Avia Hispano Suiza 12 Ycrs, 750 hp
Propeller: two-blade wooden or composite
Maximum speed: 495 kph
Climb rate: 13 m/s
Range: 550 km
Service ceiling: 8500 m
Armament: two synchronized machine guns



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