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Avro 624 Six




After the success of the Avro 618 Ten, it was decided at Avro to build a similar aircraft which, although smaller than the ten, but slightly larger than the Avro 619 Five should be.


Starting from the concept of the Five, a machine was constructed with the two pilots side-by-side and comfort for four passengers. This had more headroom and, at the rear of the airplane, a washing room.


The fuselage consisted of a fabric-covered steel tube construction. One of the three engines had been installed in the fuselage nose, the other two engines were the first prototypes in the wings, with the following machine the outer engines were suspened under the wings. The non-retractable landing gear consisted of a two-sprung main gear and a fixed tailwheel.


The first prototype, with the registration G-AAYR, was seen for the first time in May 1930 during intensive flight tests at Woodford and Heston . After these tests, minor changes were made in the second machine. Thus, the outer engines were installed suspened from the wings. In addition, the original one-piece cockpit window was divided and beveled for better drainage of rain drops.


After a demonstration of this machine at the end of 1931 it was sold to the Far East Ltd Aviation.


A third Six was formed in 1933 through the conversion of an Avro 619 Five as a so-called "flying classroom" for navigator training for the private company Air Service Training Ltd., The machine was operated in the first days of the Second World War from the No. 11 Air Observers Navigation School (navigation school).

Other machines of this type were not built.




Engine: 3 x Armstrong Siddeley Genet Major, 105hp / 78 kW
Max take-off weight: 2270 kg / 5005 lb
Empty weight: 1388 kg / 3060 lb
Wingspan: 15.54 m / 51 ft 0 in
Length: 10.97 m / 36 ft 0 in
Height: 2.90 m / 10 ft 6 in
Wing area: 33.45 sq.m / 360.05 sq ft
Max. speed: 182 km/h / 113 mph
Cruise speed: 153 km/h / 95 mph
Ceiling: 4267 m / 14000 ft
Range: 644 km / 400 miles
Climb rate: 152.40 m / sec
Crew: 2
Passengers: 4


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