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Assd Enterprises Polecat
Firebird Ent Polecat
From North Fort Myers, FL, United States, an all-metal, fabric covered single seat aerobatic biplane first flown in September 1984 (Registration N84JV). Intermediate level aerobatic capabilities. Four full span ailerons on swept symmetrical wings (NACA 0012 airfoil) with no stagger and no dihedral. Wing incidence is 0° top and bottom. No aileron differential motion.

Fuselage is welded 4130 tubing, fixed tail surfaces are welded aluminum tubing with formed aluminum ribs, control surfaces are aluminum tube spars with formed ribs and trailing edges. Wings are aluminum tube spars with press-formed aluminum ribs all bonded with aluminum castings at the structural attach points. All control surfaces feature ball bearing hinges. Aileron and elevator controls are pushrod operated, the rudder is cable operated.
All flying and landing wires are fixed length wire rope with swagged fittings. Tension is provided by the interplane struts which feature left and right hand threads allowing them to be length adjusted to tension the wires. This design allows for easy disassembly and reassembly and rigging for trailer transport between airshows.

Various engines including Rotax 532 and Kawasaki 750 Turbo running a 100" diameter prop through an integral 5:1 gearbox. Fuel tank is wedge-shaped (like a section of a watermelon) welded aluminum with a flop tube for inverted flight. Rigid main landing gear, no brakes, tailskid (later with swiveling/locking tailwheel and brakes). BRS eqiupped.

Engine: Rotax 582
Wing Span: 18 feet
Empty Wt: 278 lb for first flight, 425 lb with larger engines and mods
Gross Wt: 525 lb with Rotax, later 700 lb
Top Speed: 80mph (uncowled Rotax 532)
Stall Speed : ~40mph
Roll Rate: 180°/sec @ 80mph
Fuel: originally 3 USgallons, later 6 USgallons
Endurance: Approximately 30 minutes
Structure: ± 6g (Limit)
750 Turbo Kaw
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