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Abreu AE-5

Designed by Joaquin S Abreu, the one AE-5 built, N592, had a steel tube fuselage and wood-framed parasol wing. It was a hig wing 2 place monoplane. The engine and belly fuel pod was a detachable unit that could be released from the cockpit in case of fire or a dire emergency, and the ship would become a glider. In its first test in 1929, this was demonstrated at Alameda CA. From 5,500' the motor and tank unit was jettisoned, falling into sand dunes by the bay, and the ship glided for about 15 minutes before heading for the runway. There a group of people running toward the oncoming ship forced pilot Reed Vowles to swerve the plane and nose it into soft ground, sustaining minor damage.
Engine: LeRhône rotary, 90hp
Wingspan: 38'0"
Length: 29'0"
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