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AVIAD Zigolo MG12
The AVIAD Zigolo MG12 is a SSDR (Single Seat De-Regulated) ultralight motor glider. This aircraft meets the USA FAA FAR Part 103 rules for UL (SSDR) aircraft in USA, China, and other countries. It is a conventional full 3-axis aircraft.
The AVIAD Zigolo MG12 is specifically designed for simple construction and low cost of ownership, it has a traditional tubular frame structure and simple bonded fabric covering.It has excellent slow flight characteristics and a short landing and take off distance of 130 feet. 
The rear mounted pusher engine with propeller and the fuel tank are also contained within the airframe. The joy stick mounted engine throttle control further simplifies the aircraft’s three axis flight controls. It incorporates a forward pilot cockpit protected by the fuselage frame work and providing a wide field of view.
The Zigolo MG12 Kit does not require specialist knowledge or equipment for assembly. The drawings are very detailed and provide a step by step guide for assembly. The individual drawings contain a parts list of required components, which are easily identified by the initials engraved on them.
The Design Drawings are shared online and are made easily accessible for kit builders. All parts are accurately cut, perforated and folded. The assembly process only requires the correct part selection and correct positioning prior to fixing with either bolt or rivet to complete each sub-assembly / module. The complete aircraft’s final assembly can be undertaken either within the workshop or in the hangar and does not require any excessive space for construction.
The Zigolo MG12 kit requires less than 100 hours for assembly. The aircraft modules once completed can be rigged and ready to fly in 1 hour and offer easy transportation by truck, pick-up or trailer. The new wing remove system means the wings can be removed in just a couple minutes each.
It is a motor-glider. The glide ratio (L/D) is nowhere near that of a glider but due to its’ large wing and therefore very low wing loading the sink rate is reasonably low. The turn radius is so tight and slow it is easy for novice glider pilots to stay in thermals.
The Zigolo is available as a finished aircraft. Ultralights do not have any 51% build rule like the experimental class but can be offered ready to fly. Should a builder choose to fly outside the Part 103 rules the Zigolo has been inspected and approved as an E-AB kit and can be found on the FAA list of approved kits.
Base price was $12,000 (2017) and that includes everything but finish paint. Engine & prop as well.
Engine: Vittorazi Moster 185, 25 hp at 7800 rpm
Wingspan: 11.1m / 36.4 ft
Wingarea: 15.8 sq.m / 170 sq.ft
Length: 5.5 m / 18 ft
Aspect ratio: 7.9
Dihedral: 3 deg
Empty weight: 102 kg / 225 lb
Max weight: 220 kg / 485 lb
Fuel burn: 6 lt/hr / 1.6 GPH
Fuel burn 30kg thrust: 3.5 lt/hr / 0.92 GPH
Stall: 35 kph / 22 mph
Cruise 6800 rpm: 68 kph / 42 mph
Vne: 95 kph / 58 mph
ROC: 2 m/s / 394 fpm
Sink rate: 1.4 m/s / 276 fpm
Glide ratio: 11-1
Manoeuvring speed: 65 kph / 40 mph
Range: 95 km / 59 miles
Load factor: +4 / -2 G
Safety factor: 1.5 G
Tailplan span: 3 m / 9.8 ft
Height at rudder: 1.3 m / 4.3 ft
Power loading: 7 kg/hp 15.4 lb/hp
Wing loading: 11 kg/sq.m / 2.23 lb/sq.ft
TO dist: 40m / 131 ft
TO dist to 50ft: 180m / 590 ft
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