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Aerospool CZ WMD-10 ULL Classic
Aerospool CZ WMD-10 CLASSIC is a side-by-side, two-seat, braced high-wing plane of composite structure with a load-bearing cage in the central part of the fuselage and a fixed tricycle landing gear, meant for sport and recreational flying under VFR conditions in SLZ category.
The power plant is a four stroke, four cylinder engine ROTAX 912 ULS with a ground adjustable, three blade propeller Woodcomp SR 200. The plane can be fitted with a ballistic rescue system.
ULL aircraft Classic
Engine: Rotax 912 ULS, 73,6 kW at 5800 rpm
Propeller: 1.68 m, three-blade, ground adjustable SR 200
Propeller ground clearance: 250 mm
Wing span: 10,0 m
Wing area: 10,5 sq.m
Aspect ratio: 9,52
Length: 6,3 m
Height: 2,2 m
Empty weight with fixed undercarriage: 280 kg
Empty weight with ballistic rescue system: 305 kg
Maximum take-off weight: 450 kg
Live load: 170 kg
Fuel tanks capacity: 90 litres
Mean camber line: 1,05 m
Aileron length: 1,45 m
Aileron area: 0,36 sq.m
Flap length: 2,50 m
Flap area: 0,81 sq.m
Tailplane span: 2,4 m
Tailplane area: 1,68 sq.m
Fin/rudder height: 1,19 m
Fin/rudder area: 1,02 sq.m
Main undercarriage wheel spacing: 1,75 m
Wheel base: 1,52 m
Main undercarriage wheel dimension: 0,32 m 0,35 m
Nose undercarriage wheel dimension:
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