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Antonov 181
The Antonov An-181 (or product 181, Ukrainian: Виріб 181, Russian: изделие 181) project was terminated because of the lack of funds due to the collapse of the Soviet Union. An interesting feature of the plane is its unusual arc-shaped wing, a so-called Channel wing. The aircraft has two seats next to each other, a conventional fixed landing gear, a V-tailplane, and high-wing equipped with a channel wing in the area of the propellers. Power from the engine is delivered by means of drive shafts and deflection gearboxes to the two-blade propellers. The aircraft received the registration СССР-190101 and is exhibited in the State Museum of Aviation of Ukraine. Willard Ray Custer had previously built aeroplanes with the same wing concept in the USA.
Crew: 2 people
Length: 7,31 m
Wingspan: 7,3 m
Height: 2,5 m
Wing area: 7 m²
Normal take-off weight: 820 kg
Maximum take-off weight: 900 kg
Engine: AP LOM M-337A, 6 cylinders, 103 kW
Propeller diameter: 1.5 m
Maximum speed: 225 km / h
Practical range: 530 km
Service height: 4200 m
Starting distance: 70 m
Landing distance: 80 m
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