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Aerochute Dual Deluxe


The Aerochute Dual is a two seater powered parachute designed specifically with safety and ease of operation in mind.  The parachute is a 15 cell Ram Air canopy.  It is 370 sq. ft. and made of a rip-stop nylon.  The parachute is designed to be virtually stall or spin resistant.  The engine is a Rotax 503 two stroke.  It puts out 52hp. and is used with a 3 blade propeller.  The fuel capacity is 30L which can give up to two hours flight time.




The Aerochute takes off from the ground with the parachute behind you.  Once the engine is started the propeller blows the canopy up and the Aerochute takes off within 10 - 15m.  Climbing and descending is controlled by using power through a foot throttle.  Steering toggles (similar to parachutists) are used to turn left and right.  Landing is achieved by backing the power off and flaring the parachute just above the ground.

Optional extras include tachometer 2" 0-8000 rpm cdi, 2" round dual cht, foot webbing, flight control sticks, front floor, and floor for sticks rear.






Engine: Rotax 503 Dual Ignition, 52 hp
Propeller: IVO 3 Blade Composite
Empty Weight - airframe: 100 kg
Max Cockpit Wt: 200 kg
Wing Area: 367 sq.ft
Fuel Capacity: 29 lt
Endurance: approx 2 hr
Fabric: Rip Stop Nylon
Glide ratio: 4.5: 1
Sink Rate: 9.8 ft/sec
Wing Span: 35 ft
Wing Chord: 10.5 ft
Wing Load: 1.8lb/sq.ft
Undercarriage: 8" Rear Wheels
Speed: 60-70 kph
VNE: 45 mph
Max Wind: 15 kts
Rate of Climb: 1000 fpm solo
Max Temperature: 40 C
Takeoff Roll: 10 – 15m
Noise Level: 76 dB
Max. cross wind: 5 knots.
Rigging time: 5-10 minutes






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