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Arjanguelsky USB
Between March 11 and 16, 1938, tests were carried out on an experimental version of the SB equipped with an open cockpit for the instructor pilot, located in the position of the navigator's cockpit.
For this purpose, a series SB was taken from the production batch of Factory 22 and equipped with a second cabin with double control and all the necessary instrumentation for the instructor. First flying in March 1938, this cabin was designed in such a way that it could easily replace the navigator's cabin directly in the operational units.
After the tests, which were favourable, a small series was developed as the Arjanguelsky USB (Russian: Архангельский УСБ). During 1938, 110 cabins were prepared for instructors, of which 29 were located in new aircraft and the other 81 were delivered to the units for operational conversion.
At least one was captured by the Finnish forces during the Winter War, being used by T-LeLv 17 of their Air Force.
USB captured by the Finns and operated by T-LLv 17, summer 1943.
Engines: 2 x М-100А, 860 hp
Wingspan: 20.33 m
Length: 12.57 m
Height: 3.48 m
Wing area: 256.00 m²
Empty weight: 4138 kg
Normal takeoff weight: 5738 kg
Maximum speed: 425 km / h
Cruising speed: 315 km / h
Ascent speed: 437 m / min
Practical ceiling: 9000 m
Practical range: 900 km
Accommodation: 3
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