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The four-seat cabin monoplane Aero Commander 200 began as a product of the Meyers Aircraft Co, first flown on 8 September 1953, and deliveries began in 1959. With Meyers, the airplane evolved from the two-place Meyers 145 to the Meyers 200 that was initially produced with a 240-hp engine. Small numbers of this model were produced until the design was acquired by Rockwell-Standard Corporation 12 July 1965, who marketed the Model 200 as the Aero Commander 200.

During its nine years of production, the Aero Commander 200 was upgraded in horsepower from 260 hp to 285 hp. With the larger engine, the airplane had a top speed of 235 mph and a cruise speed of 215 mph. Fuel consumption was only 12 USgph. Takeoff and landing distances were also minimal, and the gear was sturdy enough to extend up to speeds of 210 mph. Though the airplane was high-spirited and somewhat temperamental, it achieved a strong following for its speed and outstanding flight characteristics.


Aero Commander 200D N2943T


In 1977, the Meyers 200D was about to go back into production. Tooling as well as the name and manufacturing rights for the four-place single were bought by the Meyers Aircraft Company, a new firm in Denver. The airplane they hope to build will be identical to the Aero Commander 200 as the Meyers 200D; designer Al Meyers built the 200 and 200A, B and C between 1959 and 1965, before the sleek but labor-intensive design was bought by Aero Commander and then Interceptor.

Interceptor Corporation (established November 18,1968) acquired all rights and tooling of the Myers 200C from Aero Commander Inc. A modification of this design, called the Interceptor 400, was tested by the Interceptor Corp.

Meyers 200A
Engine: Continental 260-hp     
Seats: 4
Gross wt: 3,000 lb             
Empty wt: 1,870 lb
Fuel capacity: 80 USG            
Top speed: 208 mph
Cruise speed: 204 mph            
Stall speed: 55 mph
Range: 1,300 sm        
Initial climb rate: 1,350 fpm
Ceiling: 21,000 ft

Engine: Continental IO-520-A, 285 hp    
TBO: 1700 hrs
Fuel type: 100/100LL         
Propeller: CS/2-blade
Landing gear type: Tri./Retr.         
Max ramp wt: 3000 lb
Gross weight: 3000 lb            
Landing weight: 3000 lb
Empty weight, std: 1940 lb            
Useful load, std: 1060 lb
Useful fuel, std: 76 USgals         
Payload, full std. fuel: 604 lb
Wingspan: 30 ft 6 in         
Overall length: 24 ft 4 in
Height: 7 ft 4 in             
Wing area: 161.5 sq.ft
Wing loading: 18.6 lb/sq.ft         
Power loading: 10.5 lb/hp
Seating capacity:     4             
Cabin doors: 1
Cabin width: 44 in             
Cabin height: 48 in
Cruise speed, 75% pwr: 183 kt            
Fuel burn 75% pwr: 15.5 USgph
Max range 55% pwr: 746 nm            
Vso: 47 kts
Best rate of climb SL: 1450 fpm        
Service ceiling: 18,500 ft
Takeoff ground roll: 900 ft            
Takeoff (50-ft obstacle): 1150 ft
Landing ground roll: 850 ft            
Landing (50 ft obstacle): 1150 ft


Aero Commander 200D
Engine: 285hp
Useful load: 1060 lb
Max speed: 235 mph Cruise speed: 215 mph
Stall: 54 mph
Range: 1,060 mi
Ceiling: 18,500 ft
Seats: 4
Aero Commander 200E
Seats: 6
No built: 1


Interceptor 400
Engine: Garrett-AirResearch turboprop, 665 shp


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