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A single-seat single-engined high-wing monoplane with conventional three-axis control. Wing has swept back leading edge, swept forward trailing edge and tapering chord; conventional tail. Pitch control by elevator on tail; yaw control by fin-mounted rudder; roll control by half-span ailerons; control inputs through stick for pitch/roll and pedals for yaw. Wing braced from below by struts; wing profile NACA 4415 (root), 4412 (tip), 100% double-surface. Undercarriage has three wheels in tricycle formation; glassfibre suspension on all wheels. Push-right go-right nosewheel steering connected to yaw control. Optional brakes on main wheels. Glassfibre fuselage, partially enclosed. Engine mounted above wing driving tractor propeller. Fuselage uses bonded internal framing made from unidirectional glassfibre impregnated with aircraft-quality resin. Ribs and I-section spar from laminated glassfibre and foam; spruce spar caps. Leading edge is pre-formed foam and glassfibre; trailing edge is spruce; rest of wing covered with zero-porosity Dacron.

The Aero & Engineering Services Lone Ranger started life as a British -built Striplin Lone Ranger, David Wilson's company having the sole European agency for the Striplin machines. However, it has since been substantially modified to suit British tastes and British weather conditions, and must now be regarded as an aircraft in its own right. The principal change is to the wing design and mounting. The wing section has been increased at the root to a 15% thick NACA4415, tapering to 12% at the tips, while the wing is mounted much more squarely, with virtually no sweepback at the leading edge and a small sweep forward at the trailing edge. The sweepback change is designed to give the effect of increased dihedral, making the aircraft easier to handle in less-than-perfect conditions. Each wing contains a fuel tank.

Another alteration is the use of convention-al wood and fabric elevator, ailerons and rudder, rather than foam cored; all the control surfaces are of larger area than on the American machine. Push-pull rods are used for the elevator and aileron controls, with a cable for the rudder. Some early aircraft were fitted with Chrysler engines, which were later rejected in favour of the Zenoah 250. The standard cabin has a windscreen and one side panel; the other side is left open, but a door can be supplied as an extra, making the aircraft totally enclosed.

Engine: Zenoah, 22 hp @ 6300 rpm    
Prop: 50x27 in / 1.27x 0.69m
Power per unit area: 0.14hp/sq.ft / 1.5 hp/sq.m
Total fuel capacity: 9.6 USG, 8.0 Imp gal, 36.3 litre.
V-belt reduction, ratio: 2.3/1
Length overall: 15.8 ft / 4.82 m         
Height overall: 7.2ft / 2.19m
Wing span: 34.0 ft / 10.36m         
Chord at root: 5.0ft / 1.52m
Chord at tip: 4.0 ft / 1.22m         
Dihedral: 5 degrees
Sweepback: 1.5 degrees        
Tailplane span: 8.0 ft / 2.44 m
Fin height: 3.0 ft / 0.91 m         
Total wing area: 153 sq.ft / 14.2 sq.m
Total aileron area: 16.6 sq.ft / 1.54 sq.m     
Fin area: 4.5 sq.ft / 0.42 sq.m
Rudder area: 4.0 sq.ft / 0.37 sq.m     
Tail-plane area: 8.0 sq.ft / 0.74 sq.m
Total elevator area: 8.0 sq.ft / 0.74 sq.m    
Wing aspect ratio: 7.5/1
Wheel track: 3.0 ft / 0.91 m         
Wheelbase: 4.5 ft / 1.37 m
Nosewheel dia overall: 11 in / 28 cm         
Main wheels dia overall: 11 in / 28 cm
Empty weight: 210 lb / 95kg         
Max take-off weight: 476 lb / 216 kg
Payload: 210 lb / 95 kg         
Max wing loading: 3.11 lb/sq.ft / 15.2kg/sq.m
Max power loading: 21.6 lb/hp / 9.8kg/hp     
Load factors: +4.0, -2.0
Design load: +6.0, -3.0 ultimate     
Max level speed:75 mph / 121 kph
Never exceed speed: 80 mph / 129 kph     
Max cruising speed: 55 mph / 88 kph
Stalling speed: 21 mph / 34 kph         
Max climb rate at SL: 450 ft/min / 2.3 m/s
Min sink rate: 210 ft/min at 33 mph, 1.1 m/s at 53 kph
Best glide ratio pwr off: 17/1 @ 38mph / 61kph    
Take-off distance: 180 ft / 55 m
Landing distance: 250 ft / 75 m         
Service ceiling: 10,000 ft / 3050 m
Range at ave cruise: 250 mile / 402km


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