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Aerotecknik CZ Sro L 13 Vivat




Designed by Karel Dlouhy in the middle of 70´s as a powered self-launching derivative of the LET L 13 Blanik, the Vivat uses a rear fuselage and wings very similar to the L 13. Of all metal with fabric covered control surfaces. The wings do not incorporate the flaps of the L 13, but retain the DFS type airbrakes. The center section and cockpit area are widened to make room for the two-place side- by-side seats. The main wheel is retractable, and the wingtip outrigger wheels fold back at the same time. The tail wheel is steerable, being linked to the rudder circuit. It can also be unlocked and be fully castoring outside the normal rudder-linked range. The Vivat was offered with a choice of engines, the SHE with the Czech Walter mikron, matched to a three position Hoffmann propeller, and the SL with a German Limbach fitted with a Muhlbauer electrically operated constant speed feathering propeller. The engine compartment is fitted with cooling shutters which can be closed to reduce drag when the engine is off. Both models were offered with a two wheel non-retractable landing gear as an alternative to the single retractable wheel with tip outriggers.



Around 200 units of the L-13 Vivat were successfully exported to USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Egypt, Israel, Germany, Sweden and many other countries.
Production of the L13 Vivat motorgliders ended circa 2005.

Vivat L 13
Engine: Walter Mikron III AE, 64bhp/ 48kW    
Wing span: 16.8m / 55.1ft
Wing area: 20.2sq.m / 217.4sq.ft            
Empty Weight: 500kg / 1102lb
Payload: 220kg / 485lb                
Gross Weight: 720kg / 1587lb
Wing Load: 35.64 kg /sq.m / 7.3lb/sq.ft            
Aspect ratio: 13.7
L/DMax: 24 @ 100 kph / 54 kt / 62 mph         
Seats: 2
MinSink: 1.1 m/s / 3.60 fps / 2.13 kt
Airfoil: NACA 63(2)A-615, root; -612, tip


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