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Aero-Works Inc Aerolite-103


A kit built ultralight featuring aircraft grade aluminum tube, steel tube and fabric construction. There is a Kwik Kit for the Aerolite 103. The jig built air frame comes 100% complete with everything needed to fully assemble and finish your new Aerolite 103. The Aerolite's airframe features Aircraft Grade aluminum tubing, hardware, bolts, rivets, and professionally welded 4130 steel components throughout it's construction. The exposed aluminum tubing is clear anodized for cosmetic appearance and protection from the elements. The 4130 steel components are both primed and finished in Aerolite Trim Black.


Single seat, high wing, with trigear, the fuselage comes completely framed and includes several items such as the seat, 4-point safety harness, fuel-tank and engine mounts already installed. The fuselage needs only the wheels, windshield, engine, prop, gauges, and flying instruments to complete. The wing panels and all flying surfaces are completely built and are ready for covering. The wing struts and tail-boom assemblies are pre-built and only require final adjustments during the final assembly of the airframe. Pre-sewn Dacron covers slide onto the pre-built flying surfaces and the covers are secured to the air frame by a combination of zippers, quick latch straps and wing rib battens. The wing ribs are inserted into pre-sewn pockets inside the wing covers.

The control surface set up and final rigging is made easy by using the supplied push-pull stainless steel cables that securely lock into place, and with only the final adjustments needing to be made.

Normal Take-Off uses full throttle, accelerating to 30 mph, rotate, and climb at Vy 45 mph. A Short Field Take-Off uses 15 - 20 degrees of flaps and climb at Vx 40 mph. Cruise Flight is at 45 - 63 mph indicated airspeed.

Normal Landing involves 45 - 50 mph on final and wheels touch down at 30 mph.

Short Field Landing or Landing Over an Obstacle uses 30 - 40 degrees of flaps and a minimum 40 mph from base to final. Maintain 40 mph on final and wheels touch down at 30 mph.

Engine Power Requirements: 28 hp. - 50 hp.
Reduction: Cog Belt / B-model gearbox / ratios 2.5/1, 2.58/1, 2.6/1, 3.0/1
Empty Weight: 252 lb - 300 lb         
Gross Weight: 600 lb.
Rec. Gross TO Wt: 450 lb-525 lb         
Wingspan: 26ft 10in
Wing Loading @ Gross Wt: 4.8 lb. / per sq. ft.     
Wing Area: 124 sq. ft.
Propeller Maximum Diameter: 63"             
Design Load Limits: +4 / -2
Stall Speed: 26 mph - 35 mph         
Cruise Speed: 45-63 mph
Top Speed: 63-70+ mph         
Rate of Climb: 800-1000 fpm  
Sink Rate: 350-400 fpm        
Glide Ratio: 9:1
Roll Rate 45 deg-45 deg: 2.5 seconds        
Take-Off Distance: 100-200 ft
Landing Distance: 100-200 ft         
TO dist (50ft obstacle): 300 ft / 91 m
Landing distance (50ft obstacle): 300 ft / 91 m         
Fuel Capacity: 5-6 US gallons
Endurance: 1.5 - 2.5 hrs.        
Fuel Consumption: 2-4.5 USG/.hr
Range: 80 - 120 sm            
Vne: 65 kt / 75 mph / 121 kmh
Va (design maneuvering speed): 50 mph
Vfe (maximum flap extend speed): 70 mph (0 - 40 degrees)
Vy (best rate of climb speed): 45 mph
Vx (best angle of climb speed): 40 mph
Vr ( take-off rotation speed): 30 mph
Maximum Crosswind Component: 15 mph
Maximum Wind Speeds: 25 mph
Maximum Bank Angle: 45 degrees
Maximum Pitch Angle (up & down): 30 degrees

Aerolite 103 (1996)
Engine: 35 hp 2si
Wing span 26.8'
Length: 17'
Height: 6' 5"
Wing area: 124 sq/ft
Empty weight: 250 lb
Useful load: 270 lb
Cruise speed: 55 mph
Stall speed: 28 mph
Structural limits: +4Gs, -2.8 G
Steerable nose wheel

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