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Airframes Unlimited USA-1b


The USA-1b was designed to fly with a 32-55 horsepower 2 cycle engine. With the optional Rotax 503 engine even 300+ pound pilots can fly. The USA-1b was flight tested with the Rotax 447 and 503 engines.

Airframes Unlimited utilises rebuilt  Rotax 447 engines as standard equipment on the USA-1B. These engines will lift a 200+ pound pilot on a hot day.

The price for a ready-to-fly USA-1B in 2009 was  $7295.00 fully assembled and ready to fly. For 2010 this powerchute came with a Rotax gearbox instead of the previous belt drive. No instrumentation is included on the USA-1b but is available as an option.

The USA-1b comes with rigid suspension, all steel airframe, welded by professional aircraft welders, performance Design 360' or 400' chute, storage bag and line sox, new  72" two blade Ivoprop (on the smaller engines), and new Azusa wheels and 400x6 rib tires.

The USA1-b airframe was available in black, white, red, or blue.

USA-1b upgrade options include:
Rotax 503 engine with 3 blade prop;
500' chute;
Tundra Tire package;
Landing light / strobe light package (includes rectifier/regulator);
Analog Engine monitoring system (tachometer and EGT gauge);
Poly race car seat; or upgrade to 3-blade prop on the 447 Rotax engine.

Airspeed: 28-33 mph
Gross Weight: 450 lb
Take off Distance: 75-150 ft
Landing Distance: 50-75 ft
Maximum Payload: 200+ lbs with the standard engine
Rate of Climb: 400800 fpm
Sink Rate: 9 ft /sec
Stall Speed: Stall Resistant


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