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Seahawk Glass Goose
Quikkit Corp Glass Goose
Garry Le Gare's "Sea Hawk" amphibian progressed to the "Sea Hawker", marketed by Aero Compos­ite Technologies Inc. A two-seat, stag­gered biplane.
The Quikkit Corp Glass Goose is a composites-constructed two-seat amphibious biplane (introduced in kit form in 1992) from the former Aero Composites Sea Hawker first flown in 1982.
The two place Quikkit Corp Glass Goose first flew in 1986, and has an empty weight of 950 lbs and gross weight of 1,800 lbs. The aircraft has a cruise speed of 140 mph and a range of 1000 miles. Powerplant options include 160 hp Lycoming 0-320 and 185 hp Subaru engines. Estimated build time is 1000 hours. Assembly instructions are clear and concise and there is no welding and machine shop work. Up to the final wing attachment, you can build the Glass Goose with common hand tools in a two car garage.
Quikkit Corp Glass Goose
Construction is of composite-fiberglass, kevlar, and carbon fiber control surfaces. There are four  flaperons (pre molded carbon fiber flapperons  available) and the landing gear is retractable - electric/hydraulic – with rough terrain  dual main wheels. The sponsons are solid core short wings attached to lower fuselage at waterline.
Kit Contents
Premolded Parts, Stainless Steel Weldments, Additional required foam and composite materials, Landing gear, control system, AN hardware, wheels, tires, brakes and  full assembly instructions. Also a starter amount of glass and epoxy.
Building Time
The factory staff builds a Goose in less than 1000 Hours, with no special jigging or equipment. Homebuilder times will vary depending on builder experience. The many pre-molded parts, and composite construction, make the Goose a 'fast build' kit. To further cut time there are several Quick Build Options.
Engine options include Lycoming O-320, 160 - 180 hp; Jabiru 5100, 180 hp, and several builders were experimenting with auto conversions.
Seahawk Glass Goose
A two seat amphibious aircraft. All composite featuring kevlar hull, carbon main spars and fibreglass airframe.
Hyraulic retractable gear.

Quikkit Corp Glass Goose
Engine: Subaru-Lycoming
Wing span: 8.23 m
Wing area: 12 sq.m
MAUW: 816 kg
Empty weight: 408 kg
Fuel capacity: 265 lt
Max speed: 257 kph
Cruise speed: 225 kph
Minimum speed: 68 kph
Climb rate: 6 m/s
Seats: 2
Fuel consumption: 35 lt/hr
Plan price (1998): $300
Kit price (1998): $25,000
Quikkit Corp Glass Goose
Engine: Lycoming, 160 hp
HP range: 150-185
Height: 7.5 ft
Length: 19.5 ft
Wing span: 27 ft
Wing area: 151 sq.ft
Weight empty: 900 lb
Gross: 1800 lb
Fuel cap: 70 USG
Speed max: 160 mph
Cruise: 145 mph
Range: 1100 sm
Stall: 50 mph
ROC: 1500 fpm
Take-off dist: 700 ft (700 ft water)
Landing dist: 900 ft (800 ft water)
Service ceiling: 13,000 ft
Seats: 2 side by side
Landing gear: retractable nose wheel
Cockpit width: 42 in
Quikkit Corp Glass Goose
Length: 19.5 ft
Height: 7.5 ft
Wing Span: 27 ft
Propeller: Aluminum Hub, 4 Blade Carbon Fiber Ground Adjustable
Cruise: 140 mph
Vmax,Vne: 160 mph
Takeoff Roll: 800 ft
Landing: 900 ft
Climb rate: 1200 fpm
Stall Clean: 50 mph
Stall Full Flaps 45 mph
Empty Weight: 900 lb
Gross Weight: 1800 lb
Useful Load: 900 lb
Fuel Capacity: 70 Gal Standard (Wet Wings); Four Tanks
Range: 1100 Stat Miles +
Service Ceiling: 12000 ft
Seahawk Glass Goose
Engine: Lycoming 0-320-D3G, 150hp
Cruise: 95-105kt at 2350rpm
Fuel burn: 32lt/hr
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