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Aero Sp G800


The Gobosh G800XP two seat composite aircraft.

Engine: Rotax 912, 100 hp            
TBO: 1500 hr
Propeller: Elprop 3-blade, fixed-pitch, composite     
Prop Diameter: 68 in
Fuselage Length:    20ft 4 in                
Cabin Width: 42 in
Empty Weight: 760 lbs                
Gross weight: 1320 lb
Useful load: 560 lb                 
Payload full fuel:     386 lb
Useable Fuel: 29 USG                
Max Range: 730 nm
Cabin width: 45 in                
Max cruise: 119 kt
Best rate of climb, SL: 850 fpm            
Service ceiling: 13,200 ft
Take-off Dist: 520 ft            
Landing Dist: 550 ft
Take-off Dist 50ft: 1,050 ft            
Landing Dist 50ft: 1,100 ft
Vso (kts.): 35 kt            
Vs1: 45 kts
Best Rate of Climb [Vy]: 65 kts            
Maneuvering Speed [Va]: 88 kts
Normal Operating Speed [Vno]: 110 kts
Never Exceed Speed [Vne]: 145 kts
New price 2009: $135,900


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