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Andreasson BA-4

Crosby Aviation Ltd BA-4B




Designed by Björn Andreasson as a homebuilt in 1944 as the single-seat biplane BA-4 was built at Malmo Aviation’s plant at Bulltofta, Sweden.
In 1966 it was designated as the BA-4B c/n 1 registered SE-XBS and was powered by a Continental O-200-A.
The rights to the design were sold to Peter J.C. Phillips who formed Crosby Aviation Ltd to market kits and plans of the BA-4B. The prototype was imported to the UK in 1968 as G-AWPZ.


Andreasson BA-4B


Three aircraft were laid down for initial sales at Knutsford, Cheshire, UK, and all were completed, including G-AYFU, V and W.
Crosby Aviation built G-AYFV


Crosby Aviation offered two versions: the BA-4B with a Rolls-Royce/Continental O-200-A; and the Super BA-4B with a Rolls-Royce/Continental O-240-A.
Engine: Rolls-Royce/Continental O-200-A
Wingspan: 18.06 ft
Length: 15.04 ft
Empty Weight: 330 kg / 728 lbs
MTOW Weight: 450 kg / 992 lbs
Stall: 52 kt / 60 mph / 96 kmh
Cruise: 113 kt / 130 mph / 210 kmh
VNE: 130 kt / 149 mph / 240 kmh
Take-off distance (50ft obstacle): 890 ft / 270 m
Landing distance (50ft obstacle): 1530 ft / 465 m
Super BA-4B
Engine: Rolls-Royce/Continental O-240-A
Wingspan: 18.06 ft
Length: 15.06 ft




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