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Fouga CM.88 Gemeaux

Fouga CM.88 Gemeaux Mk. IV


Primarily a flying test aircraft, proposed uses were numerous and made ​​it a real aircraft laboratory. It was a two-seater with 2 Pimene 110 kgf turbojets, which could fly up to 285 km / h with a service ceiling of 7000 meters.

Gemini, as Cyclops and Sylph which it is derived, is of mixed construction, wood and metal.




The fuselage has two hulls oval section connected by the central plane. Each body is identical to the Sylphe in its design and its dimensions. Gemini is dual - control, the control station located in the fuselage on the left.

The tail is two juxtaposed butterflies, forming a W, the V 2 not connected (the fuselages interconnected by a fixed horizontal plane).




The Gemini Mark I, F- WEPJ, CM 88 R made ​​its first flight on March 6, 1951, at the hands of Leo Bourriau. The first prototype was named "Castor and Pollux".


The Mark V version with a Turbomeca Aspin II of 360 pounds thrust, made its first flight, piloted by Léon Bourriau, on June 21, 1952.


Fouga CM88R - Gemini Mark V




CM.88R Gémeaux I: Mar 1951, 2 x 100 kg Piméné turbojets, aka CM.88.R I
CM.88R Gémeaux II: June 1951, 2 x 300 kg  Marboré I, aka CM.88.R II
CM.88R Gémeaux III: Aug 1951, 2 x 380 kg Marboré I, aka CM.88.R III
NB: CM.88.RIII/Gémeaux III was re-engined CM.88.R II/Gémeaux II
CM.88R Gémeaux III: Jan 1952, 2 x 400 kg Marboré I, aka CM.88.R III
CM.88.RIII/Gémeaux III re-engined with 400 kg Marboré II, Jan 1952
CM.88R Gémeaux IV: Nov 1951, 2 x 200 kg Turbomeca Aspin I, aka CM.88.R IV
NB: CM.88.RIV/Gémeaux IV was Gémeaux I re-engined with ducted turbojet
CM.88R Gémeaux IV: June 1952, 2 x 360 kg Turbomeca Aspin II, aka CM.88.R V
NB: CM.88.RV/Gémeaux 5 was CM.88.RIV/Gémeaux IV re-engined with Aspin II


Engines: 2 x Turbomeca Piméné
Takeoff thrust: 100 Kg to 35000 rpm
Max thrust. Continue: 90 kg 34300 rpm
Wingspan: 10.76 m
Length: 6.66 m
Height: 1.93 m
Empty weight: 750 kg
Weight equipped: 585 kg
Engine weight: 150 kg
Fuel wight: 180 kg
Equipment: 166 kg
Total weight: 1096 kg
Fuel: Kerosene
Fuel capacity: 3 x 40 lt (wings), 2 x 50 lt (fuselage)
Oil capacity fuselage: 2 x 2 lt
Max speed SL: 285 km / h
Cruise speed (3000 m): 220 km / h
ROC: 3,5 m / s
Ceiling: 7,000m
Endurance: 1h 30 mi










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