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Fouga CM.8R8.3 Midget
The Fouga Midget racing aircraft resulted from the adaptation to a competition Fouga Cyclops II. Eight aircraft were ordered in late 1951 by the Racing Airports Company Colonel Dhome. Production started in November 1951 and only seven months later, May 30, 1952, the first flying in the hands of Leon Bourrieau at Aire sur Adour. The other seven were completed in the five or six weeks that followed.
The Midgets were to participate in air races for Colonel Dhome.
The Fouga CM -8 R.8.3 cantilever NACA wing is relatively thin. It is single spar skin, the box edge housing fuel tanks. The fins are slotted, and the wing is equipped with shutters brakes. Wing tip have two retractable legs.
It fuselage is of shell structure with an oval section. The Turbomeca Palas is attached at three points above the fuselage. The fuel used is Regular Gasoline contained in two 64 liters tanks. Oil is contained in an annular three liter tank, located in front of the engine. Ignition is provided by a six volt battery and two coils. The starting is effected by means of compressed air.
The unsercarriage is a monotrace fixed type. The main wheel, 420 x 150, is equipped with disc brakes. The nose wheel, 220 x 60, is controlled by the steering. Both wheels have hydraulic shock absorbers.
The Midget meets the conditions imposed by the ISP to take part in international competitions class light aircraft less than 500 kg and record attempts in the category. With an equipped weight of 350 kg, the loaded weight is 900 kg. The fuel counted for 74 kg yet the Palas consumes 180-200 kg per hour.
Eight examples were built.
Engine: 1 x Turboméca Palas, 160 kgp
Wingspan: 7.07 m
Aspect ratio: 6
Length: 6.70 m
Height: 1.85 m
Wing area: 11 m²
Empty weight: 350 kg
Weight total: 500 kg
Maximum speed: 400 km / h
ROC: 10 m / sec
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