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Fouga CM.171 Makalu
Castel Mauboussin CM 171 Makalu

The C.M.171 was a test aircraft for a projected twin Gabizo-powered, swept-wing, butterfly-tailed trainer called the C.M.195. The Gabizo was a 1100 kg thrust turbojet, intented to power the Armée de l'air light/transonic interceptor of 1955. The C.M.170 butterfly tail for the twin engined C.M.195 was to be tested on the twin engined CM.171.
On 11 May 1956, L.Bourriau, with P.Caneil, first flew the CM.171.
After an absence of more than three months, J.Grangette returned from the United States, where he denstrated CM170 # 15. On February 8, 1957, with J.Grangette P.Caneil, after climb at 38 m/s to 53,000 ft (1500) there was a sudden decompression. By cutting an engine and accepting painful and dangerous vibrations, the descent was made.
Flights continued and engine parameters, including speeds were transmitted by radio to the testing station flight Fuga where Yves Laborde monitored the trials.
In December 1956, after the test flights, the Makalu was given to the CGTM Marignane (General Turbo-Machine) which is a flight test center created by Hispanics Suiza and Turbomeca. The engine test flight program was flown by C.Bouton, pilot, and St. Thibault, flight engineer. On 20 March 1957, the Makalu took off into the hills of l'Estaque. Soon, contact is lost with the crew. The aircraft has crashed on the first foothills that separate the land from the sea killing the crew. Causes of the accident is not known.
Engine: 2 x Turbomeca Gabizo, 1100 kg thrust
Mass: 4000 kg
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