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  Dormoy Bathtub
The 1924 Dormoy Bathtub won the Rickenbacker Trophy for its class at the 1924 Nationals. After the 1924 races Dormoy sold it to a farmer, who taxied it around his cow pasture, but was afraid to fly it. It eventually ended up parked in the field, and his cows chewed the wings away.
The 1925 Bathtub was built from scratch with a full-length, covered fuselage.
Only the two originals were built. Many subsequently replicated by home-builders even into the 1990s.

Engine: 25hp 4-cyl Henderson
Wing span: 24'0"
Length: 13'5"
Useful load: 190 lb
Max speed: 70 mph
Cruise speed: 60 mph
Stall: 25 mph
Sats: 1
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