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DeChenne 1911 Aeroplane
Edward DeChenne built a biplane in 1911, first at Joplin and then at Monett, USA.  The DeChenne aeroplane was a success and gave its first public demonstration flight at Monett on July 4, 1911, flown by Monett druggist Logan McKee.  It then made an exhibition tour in Oklahoma and Texas.
The aeroplane made several straight away flights, going some distance, but hardly exceeding fifty feet in height, alighting in some pasture and returning to the grounds."  If I am reading this correctly, when McKee wanted to turn around, he landed and turned the plane around on the ground, then flew back to the fair grounds.  Turning was by far the most dangerous maneuver in early flight, and making a plane that could turn safely was a major design challenge for early airplane builders.  Either McKee was a very cautious pilot, or the DeChenne was a very limited aircraft.  In any case, the DeChenne company received $1,000 for a two day exhibition at Caddo.
On October 6, 1911, Aero magazine carried a classified ad seeking a new pilot for the Dechenne, and on November 25, 1911, it carried an ad offering to sell the plane's engine.  "Cheap if taken soon.  Reason, have closed for season and can make more by spring."  If the plane ever flew again after McKee, I have found no record of it.  In February, 1913, Aero & Hydo magazine carried a "quitting business" ad offering to sell various assets of the DeChenne company.
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