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DFG Hintner Eindecker
DFG / Deutsche-Flugmaschinenbau-GmbH Hintner Eindecker of 1910 was a monoplane drawn up by the Cornelius Hintner - a successful Austrian artist who later became famous as a film director - realized by the German firm of Deutsche-Flugmaschinenbau-GmbH.
The Hintner Eindecker was special in that the elevator was mounted in front of the tractor propeller. Power was supplied by a 25 hp Anzani 3-cylinder radial driving a Chauvière propeller. The wing area was about 30 m², where total weight (inclusive the pilot) was 280 kg.
During the first test flight the machine flew for 500 meters at a height of 25 meters, most likely only in a straight line. The machine lifted after a run of only 25 to 30 meters.
When Hintner flew his Eindecker he had no licence and almost certainly no flying experience whatsoever. He later received German flying licence No.110 on September 9, 1911 flying an Albatros biplane at Berlin. 




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