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Działowski DKD-I
The design of the DKD-I aircraft was developed by the brothers Stanisław and Mieczysław Działowski in 1925. The aircraft was designed for the Haacke engine. It was bought by Gabriel Bydgoszcz shoemaker Jan Krüger from the Gabriel brothers. The engine came from the Gabriel PV airplane. Construction began in the basement of the house at ul. Pomorska in Bydgoszcz, and completed in the Pilotów School in Bydgoszcz.
It was a two-seater high-wing with mixed construction. Trapezoidal wing, wooden, covered with fabric, the leading edge covered with plywood and attached to the hull on four steel pipes, crossed with wire, supported by V-shaped braces. Wings were equipped with ailerons.

A hull with a rectangular cross-section, truss, welded from steel pipes. The front of the hull is covered with aluminum sheet. Under the airfoil, in the center of gravity of the aircraft there was an indoor passenger cabin with windows in the sides of the fuselage, the pilot's cabin uncovered. Rectangular poles, welded from steel pipes, covered with cloth, and a classic fixed undercarriage.
The Haacke flat engine had 22 kW (30 HP).
The DKD-I plane was flown on February 1, 1926 at Bydgoszcz airport.
In order to improve the visibility from the cab, the airfoil was raised above the hull and the airfoil was enlarged near the cabin. After removing the defects and alterations on November 20, 1926, the plane, although it was made as a two-seater, was used as a single-seater.
On 25-27.05.1927, S. Działowski made the first inter-city trip with the DKD-I - from Bydgoszcz via Toruń to Warsaw (2 hours 10 minutes). In Warsaw, the plane was shown on May 1927, at the LOPP Exhibition. After the exhibition, during a flight from Warsaw to Krakow, the plane was seriously damaged during a forced landing. After it was damaged its components were used to build the DKD-III.
Engine: Haacke, 22 kW (30 HP
Span: 9.0 or 8.4 m
Wing area: 11.5 m 2
Length: 5.5 m
Height: 1.9 m
Empty weight: 220 kg
Maximum weight: 393 kg
Max speed: 120 km / h
Cruise speed: 100 km / h
Stall: 65 km / h
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