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Działowski DKD-III
In the summer of 1927, Stanisław Działowski transformed the wrecked DKD-I plane into a single-seat DKD-III aircraft. With the help of his colleagues, Działowski made a new fuselage and chassis in the 2 Air Regiment workshops in Kraków, and renovated the batten, which came with the tail from DKD-I. From Aeronautics Department MSWojsk rented an Anzani engine.
A single-seat high-wing aircraft with mixed construction. Trapezoidal wing, wooden, covered with fabric. The nose is covered with plywood. The wing was attached to the hull on a turret of steel pipes and supported by two pairs of steel pipe braced with steel wire. Equipped with ailerons. The truss-welded hull was from steel pipes, covered with fabric. The front of the hull was covered with sheet metal. There was an open cockpit and classic fixed undercarriage.
The plane was built for the First National Competition for Light Ships and was flown on 4.10.1927 at the Kraków-Rakowice airport. It received the registration P-PAWD.
The next day, after the flight, Działowski made a flight from Krakow via Dęblin to Warsaw for the Awionettes Competition. In the competition, the aircraft received the best score for attempts to take off, landing, altitude and disassembly, but due to the engine defect during the flight it finally took 4th place.
In 1928, the aircraft was improved, but at the cost of increasing its weight. In the 2nd Awionette Competition in 1928, S. Działowski took fifth place at the DKD-III.
In 1929, the aircraft received SP-ACR registration marks.
In 1930, it took part in the Third National Competition of Light Ships, but was damaged during a forced landing in a circular flight.
The DKD-III was used for several years and made a total of about 1800 flights with a total time of 431 hours.
Engine: Anzani, 33 kW (45 hp)
Span: 9.0 or 8.4 m
Length: 5.2 m
Height: 2.1 m
Wing area: 11.5 m2
Empty weight: 293 kg (after mod. 314 kg)
Total weight: 420 kg (after mod. 463 kg)
Maximum speed: 125 km / h
Cruising speed: 110 km / h
Stall: 72 km / h
Rate of climb: 2 m / s
Ceiling: 3800 m
Range: 500 km
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