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 Wolfgang Dallach D1 Diabolo
The D1 Diabolo by Wolfgang Dallach basically consist of a simple tube construction. The engine is attached to a welded steel mount and is equipped with a Christians inverted oil supply system. The propeller is a hydraulically adjustable 3-blade wood propeller (Constantspeed) from Hoffmann. It consists of multiple glued wood. The front edge of the propeller is provided with a steel guard.
The fuel tank contains 90 liters, with 85 liters useable. It is located in the fuselage between the cabin and the firewall and consists of 2 compartments, with the lower compartment equipped with a pendulum for fuel supply in inverted flight. In normal flight, this compartment runs full again. Indefinite inverted flight is not possible due to the small size of the aerobatic compartment of only 5 liters.
For starting and generating the fuel pressure in normal situations, the Diabolo is equipped with a mechanical fuel pump.
Engine: Lycoming AEIO-540 - D4-B5, 260 hp at 2,700 rpm
Propeller: Hoffmann HO-V123K-V / 200AH 3-blade
Propeller diameter: 2,00 m
Weight: 700 kg
Max speed: 228 mph
Stall: 65 mph
TO roll: 130 m
TO to 15m: 360 m
Landing roll: 230 m
Landing from 15m: 480 m
ROC: 12.7 m/s / 2,500 fpm
Ceiling: 20,000 ft
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