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Fokker and von Daum 1910 Eindecker
This monoplane was built at the "Erste Deutsche Automobil-Fachschule , Abteilung Flugtechnik" at Zalbach near Mainz, Germany, where Anthony Fokker was student. Depending on whose research you trust, this monoplane was either designed and built by Fokker and another student, Franz von Daum, with help from the engineers of the school, or taken over as an unfinished project by Fokker and von Daum. The monoplane which was finished in October 1910, with von Daum bringing most of the money and a 50 hp Argus engine. It was tested by Fokker, and first hop made in December 1910. Later, von Daum damaged it beyond repair. Again, depending on who you trust, Fokker and von Daum decided to build a new monoplane, this time designed with much help from Goedecker and built at the Goedecker plant, this machine being the first Fokker Spinne, or the machine was finished at the Goedecker plant and actually became the first "Spinne".
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