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Dassy DA 1 / DA 2
DA 1
In 1929 Georges Dassy built a low wing monoplane designed by Glymes who also workedat SABCA (Belgian Public Limited Company of Aeronautical Constructions). G. Dassy, ​​like many other Belgian manufacturers, made their prototype in the context of the so-called “subsidy” program to encourage a national aeronautical industry.
This prototype - the Dassy DA 1 - performed its first flight in August 1930 registered OO-ALN.
The Dassy DA1 was powered with a Renard engine and entirely made of spruce wood coated with plywood.
OO-ALN was sold to the pilot builder and director of the national aviation school, Jef Guldentops, in September 1930, which used it either at Haren or at its Leefdaal aerodrome (Tervuren) until 1940.
The registration was cancelled in April 1946, because presumed destroyed during the war.
The DA 1 allowed the development of the Dassy DA 2 two-seater tandem monoplane, adaptable easily into a three-seater.
Dassy DA 1
Engine: Renard 5-cyl, 120 hp at 1580 rpm
Engine weight: 130 kg
Wingspan: 11.50 m
Wing area: 14 m²
Length: 6.40 m
Height: 2.30 m
Empty weight: 420 kg
Maximum weight: 725 k
Maximum speed: 194 km / h
Cruising speed (80% of power): 175 km / h
ROC: 250 m / min
Ceiling: 7,000 m
Range: 1,000 km
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