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  de Mana 1914 monoplane
At the Concours de Sécurité of 1914, a Gnôme-powered monoplane designed by Balassian de Mana was a project to improve stability, especially in the case of engine failure, with the wings attached to the fuselage with springs so as to vary the position of the centre of lift: the wings could move fore and aft automatically or under pilot control.
The fuselage consisted only of two spars with a fabric seat slung between them. A large fuel tank mounted on the same spars provided minimal wind protection but completely blocked forward vision. The spring undercarriage was unique. Each wheel was set into a horizontal frame pivoting on the steel tube axle, the wheels forward and below the axle, with a long horn extending backwards from each frame, the end hung from two heavy shock cords attached to the underside of the fuselage.
Damaged during the qualification tests, the machine did not participate in the contest.
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