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Day Model A Special
The Day Model A Special was planned originally for pilots with limited experience by offering them a safe, easy to fly aircraft. An early light plane around-the-world-flight was successfully achieved by Charles Healy Day with his wife Gladys in 1931. They completed a 24,000 mile global tour in an open cockpit, side by side biplane he designed.
Day was a highly respected aeronautic engineer. He designed the Standard J-1 in 1914 which was used to teach World War I cadets to fly. It was also a favorite of barnstormers during the 1920’s. He also designed the later five-place New Standard GD-24 and D-25.
The 34 foot span airplane was powered with a 120 hp Martin D-333 engine. Their seven month tour included flights over 20 countries with visits to 74 cities and covered 16,000 miles flown over land and 8,000 miles with their aircraft loaded aboard ship for crossing the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
Charles and Gladys Day pose beside their airplane prior to embarking on their world tour.
The only damage this aircraft suffered throughout the world tour was a bent tail skid mount caused by ground-looping across a ditch in Foo-Chow, China.
Fuel capacity was only 24 gallons. An additional 24 gallon tank was installed for the world flight. This extended range for over land flights but 48 gallons was insufficient for flying over the oceans.
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