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 Fokker V.30
The Fokker V.30 was a special version of the Fokker D.VIII (Wnr.2737) fitted with a 200 hp Benz Bz III engine.

The approximate date of construction was August/September 1918.
The dimensions would imply that the V 30 was not a standard E.V / D.VIII fitted with an in line engine, but actually a rather bigger machine from new dimensions. As the V 30 was a heavier machine with its inline water-cooled engine needing a radiator and piping etc. more wing span and wing area was needed.
The V.30 parasol monoplane was related to V.27 and V.29. One of the documents indicates two wing sizes on both V.29 and V.30. One larger, 14.3 sq.m, the same as V.27, and another smaller, 13.3 sq.m.
Engine: 200 hp Benz Bz III
Span: 9,68 m
Length: 6,53 m
Height: 3,07 m
Wing loading: 60+ kg/sq.m
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