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Fiat G.5
The Fiat G.5 tandem two-seat touring and training monoplane was produced in 1933 in two versions, the G.5 with a 140 hp Fiat A.54 radial engine, and the G.5bis with a 205 hp Fiat A.70 radial.
The prototype G.5 was powered by a 142 hp Fiat A.60 four cylinder inverted inline engine. The wing structure was entirely wood and the fuselage a welded steel-tube structure. Dual controls were fitted and the aircraft is fully aerobatic.
The G.5 was also produced as a three-seater.
Engine: 140 hp Fiat A.54
Engine: 205 hp Fiat A.70
Max speed: 143 mph
Cruise: 126 mph
Ceiling: 18,900 ft
Range: 478 mi
Empty weight: 1280 lb
Loaded weight: 1898 lb
Wing span: 34 ft 1.5 in
Length: 25 ft 9 in
Height: 7 ft 11.75 in
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