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Donnet-Leveque Type A / Type C




In 1912 four Donnet-Lévêque flying boats type A (no ailerons) and type C (with ailerons) - assigned numbers from 8 to 12 - were obtained by K.u.k. Seeflugwesen. A two-place hulled hydroplane designed by Francois Denhaut, they were powered by a 50 hp Gnome engine.




Aircraft sporting number 10 entered service on January 4, 1913 and was written off in December 1913 due to damage sustained in a crash.
At Argenteuil in 1913, piloted by the marine Konning


On 9 August 1912, Jean Conneau (also known as Beaumont) attempted a Paris-to-London flight. He took off from the Seine, near Bezons, made stops at Quilleboeuf and Le Havre, and the landed at Boulogne-sur-Mer where an accident cancelled the flight.
Jean Conneau’s aircraft
Jean Conneau’s aircraft was donated to the Musse de L’Air by the Schreck concern.
Jean Conneau’s aircraft
Engine: Gnome, 50 hp
Wingspan: 31.16 ft
Length: 28.86 ft





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