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Klemm Kl-25 / L-25
Aeromarine-Klemm Kl-25
Boland L-25 / AKL-25
Aeromarine Boland L-25 / AKL-25
Leicht-flugzeugbau L-25




Designed from the Hans Klemm powered glider design, the L.25, one prototype was built in 1928, plus several registered as Leicht-flugzeugbau L-25.

The 2 seat sport L 25 was produced from 1927 with many types of engine. The L 25a was built in 1927 with the BMW Xa, 68 hp radial engine. The AKL-25 made its public debut at the 1928 Nationals where, with its gliderlike characteristics, it won the dead-stick landing contests.

Boland Aeroplane Co was formed in 1928 as a component of Aeromarine Plane & Motor Co Inc. to begin aircraft production. They acquired manufacturing rights to Klemm L.25 and the name, Aeromarine-Klemm, came into use. The design became production Aeromarine-Klemm AKL-25A. About 60 of the AKL-25, AKL-25A aka L-25A were built, of which some were converted to AKL-26A. Production was superseded by the AKL-26.






imported Klemm powered glider design (marketed by Boland) (1928, ~60 built)

also known as AKL-40 or AKL-25A; Salmson engine (formerly under Type 2-47) (1928) ; EDO twin-float version (1929)

undocumented version (3 built)



Klemm Kl-25D


In 1929 the UK sales agency was acquired S.T.Lea at Croydon, and in the following five years thirteen L25s joined the British register. A modification to the UK aircraft was the change in location and size of the tailplane and the rounding and balancing of the rudder, to improve control. Only three survived the war.
L25-1 cn 152






Engine: Salmson AD9, 55 hp
Wingspan: 42 ft 7.5 in
Length: 24 ft 7 in
AUW: 1364 lb
Max speed: 87 mph


L-25 / AKL-25 / AKL-25A
Engine: Salmson AD-9, 40 hp        
Seats: 2
Wing span: 40 ft 2 in             
Length: 24 ft 6 in
Payload: 510 lb                
Max speed: 85 mph
Cruise speed: 75 mph                
Stall speed: 35 mph
Range: 325 sm                
New price: $3,350


Engine: Mercedes Benz 2 cyl, 20 hp.


Engine: BMW Xa, 68 hp














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