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MDM / Margański & Mysłowski EM-11 Orka

First prototype EM-11 Orka SP-YEN


The EM-11 was designed by Edward Margański of Margański & Mysłowski Zakłady Lotnicze (Margański & Mysłowski Aviation Works). Work on this low cost, light utility aircraft, of unorthodox configuration, with slim glider-like fuselage and two pusher engines, started in 2001. The plane was constructed of composite materials with a car-like 4-seat cabin placed low to the ground. Room for cargo was created aft of the rear seats.

A four seater twin-engine aircraft with retractable landing gear, high-wing configuration, the shell structure is all-composite with honeycomb filler. Wings have foldable tips for easier hangaring. Two fuel tanks of 200 litres capacity each are installed in wings. Fuselage has upwards-opening door in the front part and cargo hatch in the central part. Passenger cabin has four separate seats, of which the front ones are reclining and sliding. The seats have 3-point inertial safety belts. Tail plane is in T type. Electrical trimming tabs are mounted on both planes. Flight control systems are controlled by a rigid push-rod transmission system, the rudder is controlled with use of a line. The aircraft is propelled by two counter-rotating engines LYCOMING IO-320 / LIO-320 of 160 hp each at 2,700 RPM. 3-blade constant-speed type MT-Propeller propellers are fitted. Hydraulically retracted landing gear is mounted on fuselage and has gas shock absorbers with hydraulic damping.

The first prototype EM-11, registered SP-YEN, first flew on August 8, 2003. It has a fixed tricycle landing gear and Rotax 912 (100 hp) engines. The second prototype, registered SP-YEP, being a pattern for serial production variant EM-11C, flew 20 October 2005 with Lycoming IO-320 engines and retractable landing gear. In April 2011 EM-11C Orka was EASA certified and in production. Prior to certification, the prototypes and three further aircraft had been built.


EM-11C Orka (SP-YEP)


Several variants were planned including, a patrol aircraft with an FLIR head, an air ambulance, a cargo plane, and an amphibious version.




EM-11C Orka
Engines: 2 × Lycoming IO-320, 118 kW (160 PS)
Length: 8.705 m (28.56 ft)
Wingspan: 13.5 m / 44.3 ft
Wingspan folded wing tips: 10.5m / 34.4 ft
Height: 2.585 m (8.48 ft)
Wing area: 16.5 sq.m (177.61 sq. ft)
Max. takeoff weight: 1,820 kg (4,012 lbs)
Useful load: 550kg (1,212.5 lbs)
Fuel burn 75% power: 52 l/h
Maximum speed: 261 km/h / 141 kts
Never exceed speed (VNE): 359 km/h (194 kts)
Cruise speed: 261 km/h (141 kts)
Landing speed: 142 km/h / 77 kts
Stall speed (landing config): 109 km/h (59 kts)
Range (45 min res): 1700 km (918 nm)
Rate of climb: 5,1 m/s (1000 ft/min)
Rate of climb SE: 1 m/s / 200 ft/min
Take-off ground roll: 358 m / 1174 ft
Landing ground roll: 556 m / 1824 ft
Crew: one, pilot
Capacity: 3 passengers











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