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Mantelli AM 12 Palas
Although its origins are reminiscent of the Alaparma AM-10, the AM-12 was a glider. It was powered by a 38 hp CANC and finally with a 4-cylinder Praga 75 D HP. Three, with a long wing were built Guidonia (near Rome) by the Italian military center of gliding.
The fourth built with a shorter wing, was first flown as a glider before being changed to receive a Turbomeca Palas turbojet of 160 kgf. This engine had been recovered from the prototype of the jet Caproni F-5.
It is with this engine Mantelli, on February 17, 1962, beat the world record for altitude for jets of less than 500 kg, with 6700 m, and earn the 1962 Bleriot prize.
Later the aircraft was re-engined with a Walter Praga - D 75 piston engine. It is in this that Adriano Mantelli took the world record altitude for aircraft less than 500 kg, with 8763 m on April 16, 1964
Wingspan: 12 m
Length: 5.5 m
Height: 1.4 m
Wing area: 34.48 m²
Empty weight: 210 kg
Maximum weight: 500 kg
Maximum speed: 220 km / h
Minimum speed: 50 km / h
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