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Mace M-101 Macerschmitt / Could-Bee
The 1959 M-101 Macerschmitt aka Could-Bee, designed by Harvey Mace, was a single place cabin, low wing monoplane.
From the outset, Mace was determined to design and build it completely on his own. This was done, with the sole exception of the paint job — George Pereira helped with that. Final assembly and weight and balance were completed on July 14, 1959.
M-101 with tip ailerons
The first flight was to leave Sacramento Municipal Airport to proceed to an abandoned auxiliary field the following morning. Registered N352L, the M-101 first flew on 15 July 1959. The scrap pile tail wheel tire decided it had had enough. It didn't have adequate aileron control. The tip ailerons could have been made to work with a little more area, as they worked at higher speeds Mace had plans all laid out for conventionals, but all this took another two months.
M-101 with conventional ailerons
After more flights, Macess wife flew it and dropped a wing in with superficial damage. The dinged prop was shortened and repitched to 65 pitch, 65 in. diameter, which was a fair compromise prop, and in actual practice, by stop watch, the "Macerschmitt" does 139 mph at 2350 rpm.
It still climbs at 1000 ft/min. at 6000 ft. at normal climb power, and 650+/min. at 11,000 ft.
The adjustable seat was excellent, as well as the sliding canopy. The variable incidence adjustment proved unnecessary. The adjustable stabilizer is needed in this airplane to compensate for weight differences. The 3.5 degree incidence was helping the landing and takeoff speed.
Only the one was built.
Engine: Lycoming O-290, 125hp / 93 kW
Propeller: 65 in. dia/65 in. pitch, 2 blade
Wingspan: 16 ft 6 in / 5.03 m
Wing area: 65.5 sq. ft / 6.09 sq.m
Airfoil: NACA 0009
Length: 17 ft 9 in / 5.41 m
Gross weight: 1000 lb
Empty weight: 685 lb / 311 kg
Max speed: 170 mph
Cruise speed: 150 mph
Stall: 80 mph
ROC SL: 2000 fpm / 10 m/s
ROC 12,000 ft: 650+ fpm
Seats: 1
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