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Mainguet La Dorade / Sea-bream
The Henri Mainguet La Dorade / Sea-bream of 1910 was intended to hold ten passengers in an enclosed cabin. Distinctive for its bulbous fuselage and lack of a stabilizing vertical tail fin, the pilot was seated outside, at the nose of the all-covered fuselage, the engine set out above him.
The passengers sat in the enclosed cabin with mica windows which made up the bulk of the streamlined guppy fuselage; aft, it tapered down to a long sweeping horizontal tail. No vertical surface appears to have been fitted. The oval somewhat drooping wings were mounted at a very high angle of attack, and had wheels set below the tips; the whole machine was resting on a long skid with two trailing wheels forward and one under the rear of the cabin. The engine seems to have been a 40 hp 3-cylinder Anzani. With a higher-powered engine, Mainguet at first succeeded at first only in running into the trees, and later in some prolonged hops.
Henri Mainguet built this tractor monoplane, in 1910 at Chartres: it appeared for the first time on 21 May.
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