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Mitchell Kittiwake II
Arkle (R&D) Ltd Kittiwake II
Mitchell concentrated on the design of a two-seat development of the Proctor Kittiwake I, the Mitchell Kittiwake II.
The Kittiwake II differs chiefly in having two side-by-side seating and a more powerful 130 hp (97 kW) Continental O-240. It is longer, heavier and has an increased span which increases the wing area by about 8%. The fuselage is wider and the small dorsal fillet of the Kittiwake I gone; the rudder gained a trim tab and the elevators full width tabs.
Robinson Aircraft built the prototype which first flew on 19 March 1972.
Robinson Aircraft built the prototype at Blackbushe, which first flew on 19 March 1972, powered by a Rolls-Royce/Continental O-240-A.
Arkle (R&D) Ltd was formed by A. Ronald Kellett to undertake the development of the improved Mitchell-Procter Kittiwake II, Known as the Arkle Kittiwake II, it was first flown in this form on 29 April 1975.
A second Procter Kittiwake II was started in 1974 at Barrow-in-Furness, by R.Bull. It was registered G-BBUL c/n RB-1.

I seem to remember Wing Commander Ronald Kellett was funding work on a Mitchell Proctor Kittiwake. The CFI was doing some of the test flying out of Lydd. I worked at Benenden for Arkle Reserch and Development during 75/76 maintaining the Beagle Pup 150's and assisting on modifications with Kittywake 2. We actually installed a Pup 100 control column and linkages in Kittywake 2 which was a vast improvement on the original unit. I accompanied Julian Soddy who was CFI at Lydd on the test flights as flight observer. Julian was an ex RAF Black Arrows pilot hence his aerobatics were somewhat interesting.

Mike Buck
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